Reach is as compelling and as atypical an emcee as you'll find in the Rap genre. He utilizes what he calls blue-collar Rap, a more reality-based personable brand of Hip-Hop, to combat an industry saturated with propaganda. This emcee, by most accounts, is considered to be a throwback to the artform's golden age. With content as distinctive and as poignant as his he's aiming to raise the bar and escort the Rap genre back to greatness.
Reach, born Stacy D. Smith, hails from Kansas City, Mo. Five short years after being introduced to Hip-Hop culture in 1986 Reach began writing and reciting rhymes at the tender age of thirteen. His early stylings were heavily influenced by lyrical gunslingers Keith Murray and Kurupt. After nearly a decade of honing and perfecting his craft he helped to form a local independent Rap label, Kingdome Records. Three years and a full-length compilation album later he opted to pursue greener pastures as a solo artist. In 2003, Reach began a blistering campaign to garner exposure through a brief stint on a national tour (Warped Tour '03), a self-released EP in the summer of 2003, and several cameo appearances with fellow Kansas City cohorts: Ces Cru Militia, Titanium Frame, and Floridian flamethrower Mas Appeal.

The talented songwriter, artist, and producer is currently recording a follow-up album to his debut album released in the Fall of 2004 (his first full-length solo effort, Joys, Disappointments and the In-between.) Since the release Reach has spent a considerable amount of time doing shows in his native Kansas City and in Lawrence, Kansas (he logged 21 shows throughout the course of 2004). Additionally he's opened for national acts Abyss (HBO Def Jam Poet), Sound Tribe Sector 9, Kindred The Family Soul, Pharcyde, Jeru The Damaja, Blackalicious, Soulive, and Heiruspecs. In addition to a new project Reach was recently announced the winner of the 2005 Scion Next Up contest (a national Rap talent search) after being selected as a top ten finalist from over 2,000 entrants. With 42 dates logged at area venues in 2005, a forthcoming mixtape slated for a Summer release (in 2006) and a collaborative album project with a producer in Copenhagen, Denmark Reach is poised to establish himself as the next artist to make waves on the local scene and abroad.

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