Drakkar Sauna

Drakkar Sauna set themselves up to be instant iconoclasts in the singer/songwriter genre. The duo spring from Lawrence, Kansas, well known as an oasis of artists and liberal kids in a state otherwise bereft of imagination. They also change their name—frequently. Lest their songs prove too popular they occasionally add or drop an extra syllable from their already difficult moniker. So instead of taking the easy coffee-shop route, Drakkar Sauna infuse their front-porch folk music with an absurd Captain Beefheart spin—writing tunes like "Spear for When the Bear Comes" with lyrics that implore the listener to make a spear. You know, for when the bears come. It's an extremely smart, hilarious, musical, and oblique combination for all you fans of the Fall that keep a couple of Elliot Smith singles under the mattress. NATHAN CARSONS (Portland Mercury)

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