Amy Farrand

"Amy Farrand is one of those consummate working musicians in Kansas City that not enough people know by name as a performer, but she''s been involved with an impressive track record of notable bands over her music career. Farrand''s diverse skills as a musician capable of playing over a dozen instruments and as a tough-as-nails vocalist make her an invaluable asset to any live act––the noir rock of American Catastrophe, the blues-rock brawling of Whiskey Boots, the haunting sound of Experimental Instrument Orchestra (E.I.O.), the punk howl of Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, and so on. To boot, she''s no slouch as a solo performer willing to give every last ounce of energy to her set. Her voice is bluesy and nakedly honest, backed by iron guts and a strong attitude that infuses each word and chord. Once heard live, it''s doubtful that fans will forget the name and performance of Ms. Farrand." ---Present Magazine

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